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Villa Palić


Palić is usually considered the pearl of Vojvodina due to its geographical position and the lake of Palić that was at the beginning of the 20th century the famous summer resort. Zelengorska Street, as the name itself says, is in the ecologically protected zone of Palić with pine trees old more than 150 years with rich green surface as an ideal location for elderly people because of its fresh air and attractive environment. 

The parcel where the building was constructed is arranged with care including nice garden with lot of flowers. In 2013 we have received the award for the most beautiful garden in Palić. In the courtyard there are pine trees and one plane tree older than 150 years providing great shade during hot summer days. There is also in the courtyard one pond with fish, the fountain, benches and swing.  

The Home has 27 accommodation units with 2 single-bed and 25 double-bed rooms. Total of the accommodation capacity has 52 places. All rooms are very comfortable and equipped with modern useful furniture, cable TV, internet, land phone line, signalling devices for alert call in case of an emergency situation and fire alarm sensors. Each room has bathroom with the shower cabin.

This building was built purposely complying with high standards in order to deliver high quality service and to alleviate the life to our users making them feel safe, comfortable and provided. The entire building is with air condition while heating and cooling is regulated by the one of the most ecological solution – heating pump. 

All our users have at their disposal the wellness center in the building. There is the space for physical therapy, massage, recreation devices (room bicycles, skis, and running strip), and Jacuzzi pool. There is also a hairdressing salon equipped by hair dryer hood and washing device creating an impression of the real professional hairdressing salon.